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1- Why we choose this topic

Why we choose this topic?
That was because we found that wedding is a big event for human but also it was influenced by a lot of problems. Wedding is base on male and female, history telling us the treatment between male and female were not fair. The unfair atmospheres made a lot of marriages broken up or suffering the unhappiness marriage living. In actually, those histories can project on the Chinese traditional wedding. Do you know why Chinese traditional wedding is mainly for female? Why Chinese traditional wedding has a lot of rules and steps? And why the contemporary people would like to choose western styles more than the Chinese one? After doing this project we found out the meaning behind Chinese traditional wedding and would like to share with you.    

The background of past Hong Kong

Since the Second World War, Hong Kong became a Britain’s colony. Although Hong Kong is a part of China but its traditional culture was affected by western deeply. After the war, western was got developed very fast. Therefore, it requires a mass of manpower to cooperate its fast development. Due to Hong Kong had a lot of main land people who would gain the job for requiring lower salary. So, it attracted many western investors came to Hong Kong and running on their business and at the end it caused the Hong Kong’s economies grew very fast too.

The society system was been changed

Before the British government implemented the fair education policies (male and female can gain the 9 years free education), female were hardly to find a job and the most job they found was labor working. After the policies was been issued, more and more females could work base on their abilities and sought to another fields such as civil service which required lower labor working but more logistic organization. According to more and more females could found jobs and works, this changes were broke up the traditional concept that woman should just worked for the family.
Since the society system was been changed, female being independent and financial freedom but by the way the male just released a less change. The social status among male and female was been reversed and caused the Chinese traditional marriage might have been faced a huge reform. One is people prefer to find their partner in their general living rather than order by their parents.

Since the traditional Chinese concept influence females from when they are young to old. The concept “Meekness is the virtue” being the root in their mind. While people was living under modernization and influenced by different education, this concept was been changed. Female thought of making reflection of what they used to do and at the end they were escaped from the old traditional wedding’s grip.

 I found that Hong Kong's female was influenced by the Chinese traditional educational and the unfair atmosphere a lot. Although they are not willing ordered by their parents but they still endure until the western thought was spreading then this situation getting changed.

That may be one of the reasons why people would like to choose western wedding. That was because they want to escape the unhappiness memories and the western thought helped them in the past. Therefore, western wedding has a reclamation meaning in Chinese especially influenced the younger generation deeply.   


Have you though why do people getting marriage for? And which problems once was been discovered will have negative affect to discourage people getting marriage? Also, does the wedding cost will affect people to choose their wedding styles? At the end what do you think about the Chinese wedding business running on Hong Kong are more than western or vice versa?  

In actually, some news mentions that Chinese wedding expends more money than western wedding. It was because running Chinese traditional wedding being a special business that asking higher payment for maintaining. Also, a lot of the unnecessary goods consume in Chinese traditional wedding while western wedding just right and saying that in normally just use once in life.  

The real problem after wedding
I found that a lot of issue in recent year concerning about the baby abandon. How is the baby come? If the couple just toward fulfil their sensory enjoyment such as sex, then the baby would be a big problem for them. More and more couples affair to birth baby because they realize the duty is weightier than they thought. In 2000, an advertisement was showed on the T.V to descript how a baby will expends money and that’s saying approximate 4 million dollars for one. After this advertisement was published it was been banned by the government’s interference. It was because the birth rate was dramatically dropped to the lowest point since the couples were watched this advertisement. It sounds funny but in actually it really used to happen in Hong Kong.

What is the reason of Hong Kong couples affair births baby?

It was because the financial limitation rules the couple’s planning. Before the advertisement had published the couples were not realized baby would cost them such a huge financial problem. I mentioned this case because i want to go through this case to descript how it projecting the Hong Kong atmosphere. According to the economic growing faster and faster, Hong Kong resident felt their financial pressure were increasing gradually.

In 2008, the global economic crisis brought a huge damage on the traditional financial system. The Fed announced QE1 policies to impact to the whole financial system especially in Hong Kong such susceptible financial city. Due to the peg system with the States, the inflation was increasing approximately 7% in Hong Kong while the resident’s salary wasn’t growth. Many Hong Kong people found that have a baby will increase their financial pressure and that's why Hong Kong resident not willing to get marriage and birth baby.

Due to the financial problem, I think Hong Kong people would choose western wedding more than Chinese wedding.

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