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5.2- Reception - Difference

The Bride’s Journey to the Groom’s House

western veil

red silk veil

Phoenix Coronet

Decorated Shawl

a bridal sedan chair

Flower car.

Wedding dress

·         The brides wear Dragon & Phoenix Bridal Dress  (褂裙)
·         Grooms wear Chinese wedding dress (長衫馬褂).
·         Chinese dress initially is black in background which is decorated in golden or silvery.
·         Then, it converts into red in background and decorated in golden and silvery.
·         The brides’ face were covered with a red silk veil
·        The brides wore Phoenix Coronet and Decorated Shawl on their head.
·         Couples wear both Chinese wedding dress and western wedding dress.
·         Some brides wear (小鳳仙) which is wore by prostitute in the past, trendy bridal dress (潮褂) or pink Dragon & Phoenix Bridal Dress  (褂裙) which is wore by concubine in the past.
·         No covering or rather replaced by western veil
Collecting the bride

·        Presence of Firework, lantern musicians and unicorn dance

·        Disappearance of fireworks, lantern, musicians and unicorn dance
·         Friends and relatives present
Transportation used for taking brides
·         Brides were carried with a bridal sedan chair (heavily curtained)

·         Flower car. The flower car is decorated in western style, for example, there is a pair of bears or a bouquet of flowers on the front of the car.
Stepping over a lit stove and tile to cross the threshold
·         Brides had to step over a lit stove and tile to cross the threshold            
·         Such practice is disappeared

Visit home after 3 days

The day of the visit
  • Visit home after 3 days

  • Return home on the wedding day

Time of the end of the visit
  • Should go back home before sunset
  • Having dinner together

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