Thursday, November 25, 2010

6- Conclusion

Based on our survey, we realize the current trend for wedding is a mixture of western and traditional Chinese. Most of the people surveyed have either attended western or a mixture of western and traditional wedding. They all shared the view that the elements of traditional Chinese in current wedding is either too little or just alright .And when asked what type of wedding they prefer, only less than 9 percent want to do a traditional Chinese Wedding while the majority who did not want to do a traditional Chinese wedding stated that they prefer western style to traditional Chinese wedding. Only about half the number of surveyors would want to follow the full Chinese traditional wedding procedure next time
All of our surveyors are mainly in the age range of 18-25. They are brought in the time where western cultures and influences are at its peak. Their knowledge on Chinese culture would be lesser than the peers who are brought up in the 50s or 60s. Although most of the surveyors would like or their wife to wear dragon and phoenix bridal dress (), they did not really know the differences in meaning between red and pink dress. Close to 30 percent of surveyor would prefer pink which is for concubines. Also, almost half of the surveyors answered wrongly when answer about the items which are not in the betrothal gifts. People did not really know the history or its resembles behind the items.
However, although the people today have a weaker concept of traditional Chinese culture, they are still quite particular over the dates or days when they marry the next time. Most of the participants would not prefer to marry on 09/09/2009 even though some of them thought that the number 9 represent longevity. They felt that since 09/09/2009 falls on hungry ghost festival; it will not be an auspicious to marry after all.



Based on the attitude of the people today, we can make the following deduction:
1.       Due to the changes in attitude in the young today, it will be harder to have a very traditional Chinese wedding. Instead, they will do something as a western and Chinese fusion of wedding.
2.       Some forms of procedures or gifts in the traditional Chinese wedding will continue to be lost while some form will be retained. Choosing an auspicious date to marry will most likely to be retained with some other important procedures like betrothal will to continue. However, some gifts that are very difficult to find will be left out for convenience sake.
3.       As the older generation people dies off, the meaning behind wedding items, procedures will slowly be lost. Chinese traditional wedding, like the other Chinese culture, faces a lot of problems. They need people to carry on the trade or revitalize the whole procedures.  If not as time goes by, Chinese traditional wedding will slowly disappear.

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