Saturday, November 27, 2010

2.2- Match Making - Reason

Reasons for the change:
The society has opened up unlike in the past. Woman has become educated and the chances to opposite sex increases after the May 4th movement. Unlike in the past, whereby women are not allowed to go to school or only the single sex school available ,their contact with the outside world or rather with the opposite sexes is kept to minimum. However, it is not the case now. There are many mixed sex school and people are more keen to pursue their own happiness.
Matchmaking agency has also becoming a business concept. Instead of just fully focusing on looking for marriage partners, the agency today has become a place to widen social circle. Modernization have lead to people are becoming busier with their work and have lesser time to know more friends. Hence, matchmaking agencies played the role of widening their social circle, introducing friends to them.
Although modernization has lead to the opening up of society and empowers the girls to search for their own happiness, they spend more time in studies and their careers compared with their peers in the past. As a result, it has caused them to marry at a later age which means difficulty to have child. It was a common sight to see women and men marrying at an older age compared with the time of their parents.   
Low birth rate is a major concern for many countries especially to country without any natural resources like Singapore. Hence, human resources are very important to sustain development. Therefore, instead of parents more anxious for their children’s marriage, the country is more anxious than the parents. They hope that singles can find their own happiness and married and give birth. This is to increase the population in Singapore for sustainability.

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