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The Chinese traditional wedding is mainly for females.      
In actually, the Chinese traditional wedding is not mainly for males but rather for females. We can find the reason from the old traditional Chinese’s culture. In the past days, the virtue rules Chinese wife should belongs to their husband. Female hadn’t the rights to participate the society policies and properties distribution. Therefore, female would depend on their husband in anything. There are one Chinese word to descript these case” 「嫁雞隨雞,嫁狗隨狗,嫁著馬騮隨山走。」” it means where your husband go where you go. It sound so funny but in actually it is a real case which happen in the past. Due to those unfair treatments, the Chinese traditional wedding being a ceremony mainly service female.

By looking at the female’s wedding dressing“gua” we found that the cost to made a“gua” is much more than male’s dressing. Depends on the customer’s needs, to making a褂“gua” require six months to one year and six month but in opposite the male’s dressing just saying about half or one month. Furthermore, we can have a look on the wedding jewelry. The guan”, which, is for the head to dress up, the gold necklace, both are for females. On the other hand, there is just a little doodad for male.  

China's wedding industry is booming thanks to higher standards of living and 
new fashion trends that appeal to young couples. From luxurious gowns to 
wedding planners.

Luxury wedding boom in china
This news shows the wedding trends in mainland China. It seems western wedding would more attract to young couples.
Due to the Chinese traditional wedding has a tight format, the elaboration is weak and hardly to change. Because once it was been changed then it won’t as the original one anymore. Moreover, the Older won’t accept the newer format of Chinese wedding. But if the couple chooses western style then there are not only varied of formats they can choose but also design a newer one for them. I think it was because western styles are more open minding so it was easier accepted by the others.

The couple prefer western wedding
According to our survey’s data, we found that people would prefer the western wedding. I think that the western wedding would be more fairly for male and female. It is hard to say the wedding is for which side because that’s the same important. If I were bride, I would like to choose western wedding also. That’s not only the balance on the both side but also not as tight as the Chinese one.
Due to the Chinese traditional wedding has many rules and once skip one part among those rules then it is not good to the sign. Especially in the old China, It takes the couples feel much pressure and also as same as their parents.
Hainan is offering couples the chance to marry on board a luxury yacht as 
part of its plan to promote the tropical island as a yachting center.(File
It is a business for company offers couple luxury wedding.
In recent years, an atmosphere showing that people always think of substance. Most people would like to choose the benefit as their primary start thinking point. It was because they were always thinking of the substances to fulfill their desires.

Since people have been living under modernization and technologies, the relationship between each other was weak and depends on substances to maintain. In contemporary, more and more people toward independent thinking, it made people don’t willing to let their life depends on others and cause people prefer substance living rather than mental living.

If someone needs then someone would be give services. Some business men found that the luxury wedding requirement have increased since 2007. The more luxury wedding value not only shows how rich they are but also preserving the couple’s vanity. After doing the research, I found that these luxury weddings hold in Mainland China frequently and especially in the prosperous city such as Shang Hai and Beijing. The successful reason for running this business in China was because wedding is valuable in Chinese so people willing to pay to have a memorable period.

The sensory enjoyment becomes a goal as people’s desire.
When people living around full of substance then their significant of living toward a higher level, not only fulfils the human base requirement such as eat, go, live and wear but also their sensory enjoyment. The happiness within the short period interprets as lasting in most contemporary younger. They focus to gain happiness immediately but once they feel boring or unsatisfied then they will lose contact with other people. Thus, the substance philosophy was gripped the human relationship to be limitation.

That cause chinese men looking West
Some chinese male said that considers western more independent than their chinese counterparts, less girlish and more straightforward.

A survey finding that 80% of males approve "naked wedding", while 70% females don't.
Not buying house, no car, no wedding ceremony, no ring, etc only a red certificate of marriage, "that's what a "naked wedding" really means for young couples. Do you accept this kind of wedding?

I think that those reasons would made people choose western wedding rather than chinese.

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